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Panda Jam

Panda Jammer December 11, 2013 Announcements

Hey All,

I love each and every one of you. We are releasing a new game you will absolutely love. It's called Panda Pop. And, I need your help. Click on this link here: http://ad-x.co.uk/API/click/SGN76hgpDP/web252a8c36a7afa1/NET/123/SGN from your mobile device or your computer and download it.

Thank You!

Panda Jammer June 06, 2012 Tips & Tricks

For each level, a maximum amount of 3 stars can be earned. All of the stars earned from the levels will add on to the total amount of stars needed to unlock a new island.

Important: For the stars in each level of an island, you will have the opportunity to replay the level to earn the maximum amount of 3 stars. For example, if you only earned 2 out of the 3 stars for a level, you can replay the level to get the maximum amount of 3 stars for that specific level again. It is important to remember, if you had 2 stars before and earned 2 stars again from replaying the level, you will not get a total amount of 4 stars. The stars do no add up from replaying a level if you get the same or lower amount of stars. You can only earn more stars by filling in the missing stars from that level.


Panda Jammer May 23, 2012 Announcements

We're excited to announce a new addition to our ever-growing SGN family, Panda Jam! It joins other great titles such as Bingo Blingo, Jewels of the Amazon, Bubble Atlantis and Hidden Adventures. With 7 adventurous islands to explore, Panda Jam is a fun and challenging cube clearing game that will leave you wanting more! Hurry and help mama panda get her baby pandas back from the evil baboon!